Sisters Circle

This is what success looks like.

Our young women’s voices matter most. Each year, we survey our middle and high school girls to see what they identify as real needs in their lives. Collectively, they believe Sisters Circle makes a significant impact in these ways:

          AWARENESS. Broaden my life experience with new and different things to do with people of different backgrounds; introduce me to new              things; get out of the house; learn about other cultures and traditions.

          ACCEPTANCE. Create a safe space to share where I don’t feel judged; listen to me if I have things I want to get off my chest; have great                conversations with a mentor I know I can trust; seek a larger community of supporters.

           ADVANCEMENT. Guide me into a better path during my last year in high school; assist me with college options; help me to prepare for                 the future and learn more about myself; support of my goals and dreams.

Over time, we assess progress through a variety of measures and milestones. It is a layered process which doesn’t happen overnight.    97% of our current matches are in consistent contact with one another, and 98% of mentees report high satisfaction with their mentors and Sisters Circle. Our middle school student retention rate is 100%, and high school retention is 85%. Of the graduating Class of 2022, 100% have graduated from high school, and 89% have gone on to attend a four-year college, two-year college, and/or a career training program. Ultimately, our students gain a strong network of support,  increased self-awareness and resilience, and a deeper understanding of others and the world.

Just as importantly, we’re delighted to have graduates return as mentors, board members and supporters. Sisters Circle alumnae inform the way we approach our work and offer insights based on their life experience:

say Sisters Circle influenced their personal and professional paths.
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believe Sisters Circle expanded their perspective and worldview.
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feel inspired to volunteer and make a difference in their community, too.
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Sisters Circle gives me opportunities for things I didn't think were possible.
It helps me learn more about myself and supports my goals and dreams.